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Frequently Asked Questions


Isn't this a service that is provided for free by AOPA, AeroPlanner, and/or the EAA?

No. AOPA, AeroPlanner, and the EAA have all done a great job of trying to keep the flying public up-to-date on the latest restrictions our government has come up with. AOPA has recently established a great service where they will email members with information about airspace restrictions affecting their local area. But all of these services have several drawbacks. Only NOTAM Tracker provides

Can I export briefings to my Palm Pilot?

Sure. NOTAM Tracker can export its formatted briefing in either Rich Text or Plain Text to any directory on your computer. You will then need to transfer the file to your Palm.


How do I get a high-altitude briefing, or other customizations?

Use the "Generic DynCorp" web access option. You can select any type of briefing supported by DUATS! Once you have navigated to the page with the briefing on it, just press the "Process Data" button.