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NOTAM Tracker allows you to navigate to any web page on the internet to obtain your briefing. Or you can fill-in the Area or Route briefing screen and let NOTAM Tracker automatically navigate Dyncorp's DUATS web system and collect the briefing for you. Shown below is the Area briefing screen. Frequently used aircraft, departure points and routes are all saved, allowing for quick-and-easy future briefings with the same parameters.

Once the briefing is displayed on the browser window, NOTAM Tracker will process it, analyze the local and FDC notams, mark which are new or deleted, and search for TFR/obsticle/waypoint coordinates.

Users of Garmin portable GPS units can then choose to upload the coordinates into their GPS. Users with PocketPC based PDAs can choose to export the briefing to their device, where it can be viewed in full color by Pocket Word.

To download a free trail of NOTAM Tracker, click here!